More than ever, families in the Middle East need you

Tensions are increasing in Iraq, but we’re committed to helping rebuild lives and restore hope for families traumatized by war and conflict. You can show them they are not alone. Be a part of this moment.

Your compassion is their recovery

In Mosul, Iraq, the Islamic State’s reign of terror left the city in rubble, families scattered. In the Ninewa Plains, farmlands, livelihoods and water sources have been decimated. With the trauma of the past still fresh, families are finding the strength to heal and start over.

In Syria, years of civil war forced millions to flee for their lives. Many ended up in Lebanon, hoping for a chance to start over. Now families are working to rebuild their lives in a new country, and forge peaceful bonds with their native neighbors.

More than ever, families from Iraq and Syria need your support to build a better future. You have an extraordinary opportunity to be part of their recovery. Keep scrolling to learn how.

Where we’re working

In Mosul, Iraq families — and especially children — are healing from gaping emotional wounds. You’ll provide women and men the opportunity to learn new and valuable skills so they can find employment or launch small businesses and carry their families forward. You’ll help farming families restore irrigation systems and resume production.

In the Ninewa Plains of northern Iraq, families who fled violence are returning home to rebuild their lives and livelihoods. Many were religious minorities that continue to feel like outsiders, even though they’re home. You can help them restore their farms and herds, boost and stabilize their local economies, access clean water and find hope and healing for the future.

In Lebanon — a country of just 4 million people that is roughly the size of Connecticut — the influx of more than 1 million Syrians has raised tensions with the increasing competition for jobs and resources. You’ll connect Lebanese and Syrian farming families so they can work side-by-side and maximize production and share in the profits.

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Encourage Your Congregation to Help

You can take part in LWR's important work of recovery and building a better future in the Middle East. Order these pew envelopes to ensure your gifts go directly to our projects there.

More than ever, the Middle East needs you

You can rebuild lives and restore hope.